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Rabbit Hill 'Sel de Mer aux Herbes'.

French sea-salt and herbe blends ...

If you know me well--you know I spend most of my time in the kitchen of Maison Rabbit Hill.  Searching for an 'all-purpose' herb salt inspired me to create this aromatic melange of my favorite French sea salt with the perfect mix of savory herbs; chives, shallots, parsley, French herbes de Provence...

The blends ...

The CLASSIC blend is a fine ground salt and the perfect seasoning for chicken and fish, it is lovely on vegetables and especially perfect for eggs!  It can even hold it's own on a chop or steak.

The PROVENCAL blend made with 'sel gris' and has the addition of thyme and sweet red pepper.  It is outstanding on pasta, ratatouille and Southern France dishes.

The MEDITERRANEE blend has the addition of sun dried tomato and is a semi-course salt. Perfect for sauces and soups and I keep a bowl stove side for cooking all of my favorite seaside French dishes.  It is a semi-course blend for table sprinkling or cooking.

The BASQUE salt blend features 'Piment d'Espelette' which is a sweet, rich flavored and slightly spicy red pepper from the Basque region of France.  This delicious and aromatic salt also has lemon and summer herbes added and is so perfect on fish, poultry, potatoes, salads and BBQ foods.

Created and used in the Kitchen at Rabbit Hill ... 

Salts feature fine, coarse and 'gris' salts and the finest herbes and aromatics.  Available in handblown 8 oz. jars or two sizes of resealable jars.

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Rabbit Hill 'Sel de Mer aux Herbes' blends  are available to order online during the monthly shop opening which takes place on the first day of every month. 

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