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Rabbit Hill Natural Moisturizing BAUMES for Skin & Lips.

Your skin deserves it!

In a time when the ingredient list is too long to fit on the chap-stick tube, simplicity and quality should be your first thought before putting something on your skin and lips. Anything that is applied to your skin (such as lotions, lipsticks, deodorants and makeup) is absorbed into your body just as if you had eaten it. In fact, your skin is the largest organ of your body, containing millions of cells and it is important to understand that when you apply something to your skin it doesn't just sit on the surface or get rinsed off ... it get's absorbed.

Necessity leads to Inspiration!

Harsh winter weather arrived in Normandy and I found myself constantly reaching for my lip-balm.  I seemed to be either looking for it in my bag or coat pockets or purchasing another one at the 'pharmacie'. Although the selection was vast, I was having trouble finding a lip moisturizer that worked for me.  In addition, living on a farm and constantly in the kitchen, I wash my hands probably a hundred times a day! By evening my hands were red and raw.  

My 'maison-made' solutions?

  • Rabbit Hill Solid Lotion BAUME Flower: contains luxurious organic 'Karite' and Vitamin E which soothes and heals and is scented with comforting organic lavender oil.  Rub the baume flower between your palms and apply it to fingers, backs of hands and nails.  Give it a few minutes to absorb.  With occasional use (I always apply before bed) your hands will be noticeably softer and 'weather' proof.
  • Moisturizing Lip BAUME: contains Vitamin E, and slowly absorbing Avocado oil.  It is lightly scented with citrus and vanilla.

I hope you enjoy your Skin & Lip balmes -- Made with care at Maison Rabbit Hill!

100% Maison-Made at Rabbit HIll

Sourcing the best ingredients was an adventure!.  I made several trials until I reached a product that I felt was the most pleasant in fragrance (and taste!) texture and usability.  

Without revealing the exact recipe, the baumes may contain:

Karite (Shea Butter),  Noix de Coco Vierge (Virgin Coconut Oil), Vitamin E, Amande Douce (Sweet Almond Oil) Huile d'Avocat (Avocado Oil) ...

In addition may have one or more of the following essential oils: Lavande (Lavender), Madarine Jaune, Vetiver, Fruit de la Passion, Geranium, Vanille ...

Questions?  Send me a note!

Rabbit Hill Skin & Lip BAUMES are available to order online during the monthly shop opening which takes place on the first day of every month. 

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